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Integrated logistics
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As an overall logistic services provider, South Logistics not only offers services to large/medium-size clients whose network all over the country, but also to retailers (chained supermarket) and E-business. We are the designer of logistic system as well as the supervisor of its operation. 

Today, South Logistics is an outsourcing provider that develops and deploys integrated business infrastructure solutions and fulfillment services for many brand name companies. What sets us apart from the average 3PL is our goal to build up the longstanding strategic alliance with clients. Therefore, SL has experienced various difficulties from our founding. While few 3PLs are willing to do business in raw material logistics and finished goods distribution in city, we are focused on managing clients’raw material logistics and supporting B to B, B to C clients. In additional, we signed the confidential agreement on behalf of customer. Our system design and integrated solution enables us to reduce client logistic overhead by 10%.

Key Technologies:
1. SCM-Supply Chain Management
2. Customized Logistics
3. LSOR-Logistics System Optimizing and Reengineering
4. TMS-Transportation Management System
5. WMS-Warehouse Management System 



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